4 Colleagues, 3 Places, 2wice the fun – One heck of Sunday!!


4 Colleagues, 3 Places, 2wice the fun – One heck of Sunday!!

4 Colleagues – (in alphabetical order – Harshil, Mohammed, Neha & Prasanna)
3 Places – Conoor, Kothagiri & Kodanad
2wice the fun – 1 heck of a Sunday!! – Read on…..

……After a hectic working week in Coimbatore (“CJB”), it was time to have some fun over the weekend. A quick discussion around which places to visit & we were sorted to go to the hill town of OOTY (~100 KMS from CJB).

All set to start on Saturday, we wake up to a Whatsapp from our ‘Never Say Die’ man – @Prasanna (“P”) – ‘Cant make it today’ 😦 ….and the emotions started running high with the entire week’s frustration dished out at “P” (words which were never spoken 🙂 ).

Time to relax (forcefully) & towards the later part of the Saturday, the weekend had started looking dull. And that’s when we got another Whatsapp from our very own “P” – ‘All set for tomorrow?’ Yippie…exulted Harshil & Neha…

A good breakfast, good company, lovely weather, fast car with an equally fast partner behind the wheels) & we were set to have a GREAT day ahead! 

Few deep curves, series of honking & overtaking, and we had starting seeing the tip of majestic mountains of OOTY…the city noise was far behind with only the sound of ‘Birds Chirping’ with us… not to forget the sound of Harshil shouting songs instead of singing them.. “Chipkaale Saiyya Fevicol Se!!”

Starting our journey from CJB guest house, our first halt was at the entry point of “Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve”. Harshil, our photograph freak, started making his portfolio from this juncture :-).
A series of Idiotic poses was to follow (thankfully the Monkeys didn’t follow us 🙂 ).

Our second halt (read portfolio making break) was at this waterfall just before we hit Conoor. Our first milestone for the day was “Dolphin’s Nose” in Conoor – upon reaching, we realized that neither there was a Dolphin nor it’s Nose! The view from the so called ‘Dolphin’s Nose’ was simply breathtaking!

Having dug the “Dolphin’s Nose”, we moved onto Kodanad – a place recommended by “P”. We were in for the drive of our lives….with the forests surrounding us and the thick fog cover making it a visual treat…we were in a different world – simply serene!

After a quick stop at stop at Kodanad, we went straight to “Hotel Blue Hill” to get over our Hunger blues…with a perfect view of this hill town, we comfortably started our first heavy meal of the day.
We headed straight to Kothagiri – mini heaven in heaven!! . This is also “P’s” hometown…man..how Lucky can he get!

Kothagiri wasn’t our final destination, we were looking at exploring this secluded spot famous for offering a view of Lady Catherine’s fall…Waterfall…There is a popular belief that she had committed suicide from the top of the waterfall & that her soul does pay a visit once in a blue moon (we seem to have got into these blues off late, nahi?)

We finally reach the base of this mountain. The authorities have now built some concrete steps to climb to the top of the mountain. However, Neha had to cover 2wice the distance since she has ‘short legs’ 🙂 (these jokes aren’t funny dude).

The FQ – let me give you the full-form before your imagination runs wild – FQ is for “Fun Quotient”; FQ had just hit the roof with the team getting into thick of things to light a camp fire..Harshil & P went in search of some wood to start the fire while Neha added fuel to the fire:-). 

We were all in the right ‘Spirit’ (as the portfolio was getting final touches by Harshil) and the sun was setting down in the backdrop. And suddenly we hear this strange ‘sound’ once…then twice..then it kept on repeating…this was sounding like some animal growling & we were in pitch dark as our fire had dozed off. In a matter of seconds we packed our stuff & moved out of there hoping not to fall prey to any animal.

Scared to death, we somehow managed to reach the base & got into our car as soon as we could. This moment has been etched in our memories for a lifetime – anything could have happened that night.

We made a quiet exit & returned to Kothagiri. On our way back to CJB, we took a musical break (details when I write the next time on this topic) & carried on our descent only to stop for a fantastic meal at “Anandhaas” – Anna, ‘Rant’ Kothu paratha fast please……


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