CJB – Reloaded (part 2)

A Musical break….

(extension of the blog titled –  4 Colleagues..)


…….we made a quiet exit & returned to Kothagiri. On our way back to CJB, we took a musical break – here’s when we had our tryst with destiny.


Still recovering from the “Animal scare” we faced at Catherine Waterfall, we were looking at getting back into the groove…literally! “P” suggested we take a halt at this turning on our way down to Mettupalayam. Our mood too was to take a ‘Turn’ at this turning!


We reach the spot & realise there is already a family partying there with their Car parked exactly where we had planned to park our car. Ah, what a family it was!  While we parked our car on the opposite side, we find “P” chatting with this gentleman – I call him the “mystery man” (he must be in his early 50’s).


We get introduced to this “mystery man” thinking this could be a good spot to make new connections. Little did we know what was in store for us. Mystery man was visibly high on “Spirit”, blabbering away to glory! The introductions (read torture) didn’t stop there & we see a barrage of people waiting to get introduced by the mystery man –

1)      Sssss she is my Wife…she Luv’s me a lot but doesn’t like me drinking… She doesn’t know to talk in English…she just knows Tamil..I love my wife..he he he (gabbar singh would be proud of this laughter)

2)      He is my wife’s brother (who knew a lil bit of English – god knows how!); he is working in the Police department – not at a very high post though…he is at a very low post like a..a..a.. (scratches his head with utter confusion)..a..a..Constable! (felt like saying “Attention” & “Stand at ease”)..He kept smiling at us for no reason…we could only see his teeth flashing in the darkness:-)


The last & the most important introductions of the night were yet to be made – 2 people who weren’t there physically but were part of us through their introductions. I have 2 daughters – 1 in Sydney, Australia & 1 in Auckland, New Zealand – Harshil tries to confirm the information and says.. “oh ok so you have 2 daughters, 1 in Sydney & 1 in Auckland”. The mystery man was quick to correct Harshil… No no…I have 2 daughters – 1 in Sydney, Australia & 1 in Auckland, New Zealand! Get that you jerk!


Trying to push this “global desi” family out of that spot; we were actually having a laugh riot. Harshil pushed me to ‘hug’ the mystery man to bid a final good bye…talking about the ‘hug’ I got…well I wouldn’t want to talk about hugging a drunk man in the dark (Let’s talk ‘straight’ :-))


 So where is the music & the break in this? Well, this was a much wanted ‘break’ for our ‘scared’ souls…this just gave us the opportunity to forget everything & Laugh out Loud (LOL).. Laughter, for us was like Music that night… Let the music play….Anna, volume increase please….


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