Train to Vasai….

Its a 7:18 AM Fast Local to Virar from Bandra…In an otherwise quiet compartment at this hour, I hear a group of men chattering at the doorway.

Interested to know what was going on I changed my seat…I couldn’t understand their language, and on a closer look, I could figure out that these men were ‘Idli Wada’ sellers from Dharavi..starting their quest to earn their livelihood.

With their utensils stuffed with fresh Idlis and Medu Wadas, it was time to stuff themselves 🙂 Out came their paper plates, napkins and ofcourse the ‘stuff’…. A group of 6 men with each serving himself with 4-5 Idlis / 3-4 Medu Wadas and the awesome looking ‘Khopra and Tomato Chatni’…My mouth surely is watering..ssrrrp..

Enjoying their breakfast cum lunch, it was good to see them quiet as well for a while 🙂 Interestingly, they were carrying a pouch of water to drink as well as quickly wash their hands.

‘Next station Andheri..Pudhil station Andheri..Agla station Andheri’ – these guys were done between Bandra and they alighted..they had left me High and dry 🙂

Next station….


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