Back to the ‘Last Bench’….

Hello, we want a Cab to Bangalore Airport at 6:00 PM. Yes Sir, Easy Cab (it’s an irony, it is never Easily available) will be there at 6:00 PM. 

Its 6:10 PM as the 2nd call goes to Easy Cab – ‘Yes Sir, the cab is just 5 minutes away; it will reach there in 10 minutes’. As we took a quick ‘Kit-Kat break’, the clock ticked to 6:30 PM and that’s when we finally saw an Easy Cab approaching us. 

Wanting to break the chauffeur’s head, we instead jumped into the car. While the ‘tallest’ guy took the front seat, the 3 presumably short guys squeezed onto the back seat – it was a ‘touching’ moment!

We had to drop a colleague on our way to the airport and we moved ahead. The back seat finally had only 2 guys as we both quickly ‘distanced’ ourselves :-). While the ‘tall guy’ had estimated a 15KM run to the airport (thanks to his smart phone and Google uncle), the cabbie shocked us when he said the airport is still 46KMS away 😦 

The instruction given to the cabbie was clear – ‘do whatever you can to ensure that we reach the airport latest by 8:30 PM’. While he nodded, we saw a series of vehicles stuck in the infamous Bangalore traffic ahead of us. The cabbie took all the possible shortcuts (he wasn’t the only one to do that) only to be stuck in tiny bylanes than on the freeway (another irony, one cannot move freely on these roads). 

With silent prayers & Google maps ON, we were preparing ourselves for the worst case scenario (thanks to our upbringing in the company!) – Is the flight on-time; If we miss the flight, then: what time is the next flight, how much deep will be the hole in our pockets, blah blah blah…

With just about 2 hours left for the flight to take-off, I decided to ‘Check-in’ online (probably the worst decision of the evening)….it was all booked, only the last row (30th) had 3 seats together & wanting to sit together (why on earth on the last row would we sit together), I hit the confirm button. 

Weaving our way through the insane traffic, we somehow managed to reach the airport just in time. As we approached the counter, we requested to have a change of seats, only to be handed over our boarding passes with a straight face saying ‘Thank you’. 

We knew what was coming our way; the last row which doesn’t recline, doesn’t have the leg room but instead has the wash room behind! My seat – 30F (although a window seat, was the last seat possible on an aircraft). Being cursed by my colleagues, I was cursing myself too for doing this. 

I always thought last benchers have all the fun until seat 30F (felt like being ‘F*****’ 30 times). The only silver lining on the flight though was getting to see the island city right from its tip at Cuffe Parade till it’s shores at Bandra…oh, what a beauty! 

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are now ready to land in Mumbai, request you to fasten your seatbelts….



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