Zipping through…

“So everyone, there is an important announcement for Friday: post our sessions, we have frozen on 2 options – 1. Tour of the historical ‘Mehrangarh Fort’ and 2. Zip Lining around the western side of ‘Mehrangarh Fort.” 

Having spent few vacations in the ‘Blue City’, option 1 was certainly out of the window. I opted for the one which sounded more exciting (or rather dangerous of the two options) – ‘Zip Lining’ managed by group of professionals from ‘Flying Fox’.

As a build-up to the activity, few of the colleagues were sharing their previous experiences about ‘Zip Lining’…’I have done it at this place’, ‘its exciting stuff’, ‘why do it in Jodhpur when you can do this in Borivali National Park as well’ (hell yeah, if only National Park had the rich heritage value attached to it 🙂 ).

While moving towards our vehicle, I realised that only 20% had opted for this activity – would the 80:20 principle hold true here? well..let’s see…

Our coordinator lay down the instructions – people who are doing ‘Zip Lining’ please come to my left and people who are doing ‘Fort tour’ please come to my right’ (reminded me of ‘Angrezo ke zamaane ka Jailor – Aadhe idhar jaao, Aadhe udhar jaao…aur baaki mere peeche aao 🙂 )

We were pointed towards this tall lanky fellow – our instructor for the activity. We followed him to reach our base spot. After a brief hold-up, we were given our safety gears and we proceeded for a Trial run…Ah..that’s freaking easy..I can do this!

Divided in 2 groups, our group moved towards our 1st (of the total 6 Zip lines) Zip Line. First look at the view and I was like ‘WOW’..that feeling didn’t last for we saw the long rope connecting the fort to a mountain overseeing a Lake..while the view was breathtaking, the fear of Zipping onto that thin Zip Wire took away my breath!

I was the last person on the group to do our first Zip line…’Take your position, hand on the pully, legs crossed, knees close to your chest’ and in comes a quick question from the Instructor – Are you ready? (Well that’s a question everyone seem to be asking these days 🙂 ) – I looked at the other end, looked down on the lake, took a deep breath..and finally said – ‘Yes, I am Ready!’

Off I went, hitting the Wind, looking down at the Lake, FLYING HIGH..literally!! 25 seconds in the air and I was on the other side…PHEW…What fun these birds must be having in the sky…

I completed 6 such Zip Lines one after the another…The longest and the most amazing being the last Zip Line…The 2 groups met at the end of the activity and I can safely say that the 80:20 principle did work..20% of the guys had 80% of the fun!

These experiences can only be felt when you do these adventure activities yourself..



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