Number 69


Before your imagination runs wild (and naughty) seeing the number 69, let me get it straight, I am talking about these two numbers separately (although the number ‘69’ & the word ‘separate’ aren’t always together 🙂 ).

Most of us have this unique fixation about a particular digit or number and every time we see/hear it, we get a sense something is going to happen. And your mind tells you whether it will be something positive or negative – it may or may not happen eventually but it certainly makes the mind work overtime.

Over the years, I have encountered many situations involving either number 6 or 9. And with each of those situations, my belief has got stronger that there indeed is some connection with these two numbers. Here are some important milestones (personal & professional) associated with the numbers 6 & 9:

1. Post one of our annual monsoon trip to Lonavla 15 years back with Dad’s childhood friends & their families, I was asked if I was ‘interested’ in one of the girl, a certain Ms. Kanchwala – beautiful, bubbly, with a charming smile. Both of us were in our mid-teens & were destined to be soul-mates forever. The year was 1998 when we got engaged – 1998 adds up to number ‘9’ & coincidentally Ms. Kanchwala was also a number ‘9’ – born on the 9th of June (‘6’th month).

2. A decade ago, on a busy September Saturday while I was finalizing few accounting files with a C.A. firm, I suddenly heard my colleague asking me – Momy, would you want to join CGE & Y? I just nodded my head & went back to my accounting files without paying any attention to his call. Later that evening, I asked him what is it about CGE & Y & he told me about this interesting opportunity for someone with MS Excel knowledge at their Vikhroli office – I only knew what MS Excel was & where Vikhroli was – I had no clue what CGE & Y was!

I went for an interview the following Monday, got selected, resigned at the C.A. firm the same day & joined CGE & Y the next day – I just couldn’t believe what destiny had in store for me; from a 16 member firm to 1600+ people company.

It was the 9th day of September (‘9’th month) when I had joined them & I was set to begin my career in Resource Management (which actually started on the pretext of knowing MS Excel). My employee code was 2805 – adds up to ‘6’!

3. Having started an unsuccessful start-up & struggling to manage finances, I was looking to shut shop & get back to the corporate world waiting for the right opportunity. I appeared for an interview with this pioneering ‘Market Research outsourcing’ company & here too I was selected to join the very next day.

It was 27th (adds up to ‘9’) day of September (‘9’th month) when I had joined them & I was set to re-start my corporate stint, this time into end-to-end Talent Sourcing. My employee code was 2373 – adds up to ‘6’, yet again!

4. On one of the usual rainy day during the (in)famous Mumbai monsoon, while riding on my bike, I had received a call to appear for an interview with this ‘Business & Investment Research’ company. Having never heard about it in the past, I wasn’t sure whether should to for the interview or just ditch them. I decided to give it a shot though – same story here too…appeared for the interview & was subsequently offered to join them as a ‘Manager’ – yes, Manager! Difference here was that I did serve my notice & didn’t join the company the very next day :-).

It was 18th (adds up to ‘9’) day of September (‘9’th month) when I had joined them & I was set to begin my managerial stint, expanding my horizons into other branches of HR.

5. Post high school, I had asked Dad to buy me a motorcycle – well, the motor was thrown out & I was presented with a cycle instead! Keeping patient for couple of years (and riding a bicycle to college for those 2 years), I finally pushed through the request for a motorcycle. This time I got the blessings of my Dad & we placed the order at ‘Alibhai Premji’ for a ‘Splendor’ in the month of September (‘9’th month). My first motorcycle was delivered with the registration number ‘582’ (adds up to ‘6’).

Putting a hard-stop on the 5th milestone since I want to reserve the ‘6’th milestone for some other day :-).

Do you have similar stories around a particular digit or number? I would love to hear about them!


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