CJB – Reloaded (part 2)

A Musical break….

(extension of the blog titled –  4 Colleagues..)


…….we made a quiet exit & returned to Kothagiri. On our way back to CJB, we took a musical break – here’s when we had our tryst with destiny.


Still recovering from the “Animal scare” we faced at Catherine Waterfall, we were looking at getting back into the groove…literally! “P” suggested we take a halt at this turning on our way down to Mettupalayam. Our mood too was to take a ‘Turn’ at this turning!


We reach the spot & realise there is already a family partying there with their Car parked exactly where we had planned to park our car. Ah, what a family it was!  While we parked our car on the opposite side, we find “P” chatting with this gentleman – I call him the “mystery man” (he must be in his early 50’s).


We get introduced to this “mystery man” thinking this could be a good spot to make new connections. Little did we know what was in store for us. Mystery man was visibly high on “Spirit”, blabbering away to glory! The introductions (read torture) didn’t stop there & we see a barrage of people waiting to get introduced by the mystery man –

1)      Sssss she is my Wife…she Luv’s me a lot but doesn’t like me drinking… She doesn’t know to talk in English…she just knows Tamil..I love my wife..he he he (gabbar singh would be proud of this laughter)

2)      He is my wife’s brother (who knew a lil bit of English – god knows how!); he is working in the Police department – not at a very high post though…he is at a very low post like a..a..a.. (scratches his head with utter confusion)..a..a..Constable! (felt like saying “Attention” & “Stand at ease”)..He kept smiling at us for no reason…we could only see his teeth flashing in the darkness:-)


The last & the most important introductions of the night were yet to be made – 2 people who weren’t there physically but were part of us through their introductions. I have 2 daughters – 1 in Sydney, Australia & 1 in Auckland, New Zealand – Harshil tries to confirm the information and says.. “oh ok so you have 2 daughters, 1 in Sydney & 1 in Auckland”. The mystery man was quick to correct Harshil… No no…I have 2 daughters – 1 in Sydney, Australia & 1 in Auckland, New Zealand! Get that you jerk!


Trying to push this “global desi” family out of that spot; we were actually having a laugh riot. Harshil pushed me to ‘hug’ the mystery man to bid a final good bye…talking about the ‘hug’ I got…well I wouldn’t want to talk about hugging a drunk man in the dark (Let’s talk ‘straight’ :-))


 So where is the music & the break in this? Well, this was a much wanted ‘break’ for our ‘scared’ souls…this just gave us the opportunity to forget everything & Laugh out Loud (LOL).. Laughter, for us was like Music that night… Let the music play….Anna, volume increase please….


4 Colleagues, 3 Places, 2wice the fun – One heck of Sunday!!


4 Colleagues, 3 Places, 2wice the fun – One heck of Sunday!!

4 Colleagues – (in alphabetical order – Harshil, Mohammed, Neha & Prasanna)
3 Places – Conoor, Kothagiri & Kodanad
2wice the fun – 1 heck of a Sunday!! – Read on…..

……After a hectic working week in Coimbatore (“CJB”), it was time to have some fun over the weekend. A quick discussion around which places to visit & we were sorted to go to the hill town of OOTY (~100 KMS from CJB).

All set to start on Saturday, we wake up to a Whatsapp from our ‘Never Say Die’ man – @Prasanna (“P”) – ‘Cant make it today’ 😦 ….and the emotions started running high with the entire week’s frustration dished out at “P” (words which were never spoken 🙂 ).

Time to relax (forcefully) & towards the later part of the Saturday, the weekend had started looking dull. And that’s when we got another Whatsapp from our very own “P” – ‘All set for tomorrow?’ Yippie…exulted Harshil & Neha…

A good breakfast, good company, lovely weather, fast car with an equally fast partner behind the wheels) & we were set to have a GREAT day ahead! 

Few deep curves, series of honking & overtaking, and we had starting seeing the tip of majestic mountains of OOTY…the city noise was far behind with only the sound of ‘Birds Chirping’ with us… not to forget the sound of Harshil shouting songs instead of singing them.. “Chipkaale Saiyya Fevicol Se!!”

Starting our journey from CJB guest house, our first halt was at the entry point of “Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve”. Harshil, our photograph freak, started making his portfolio from this juncture :-).
A series of Idiotic poses was to follow (thankfully the Monkeys didn’t follow us 🙂 ).

Our second halt (read portfolio making break) was at this waterfall just before we hit Conoor. Our first milestone for the day was “Dolphin’s Nose” in Conoor – upon reaching, we realized that neither there was a Dolphin nor it’s Nose! The view from the so called ‘Dolphin’s Nose’ was simply breathtaking!

Having dug the “Dolphin’s Nose”, we moved onto Kodanad – a place recommended by “P”. We were in for the drive of our lives….with the forests surrounding us and the thick fog cover making it a visual treat…we were in a different world – simply serene!

After a quick stop at stop at Kodanad, we went straight to “Hotel Blue Hill” to get over our Hunger blues…with a perfect view of this hill town, we comfortably started our first heavy meal of the day.
We headed straight to Kothagiri – mini heaven in heaven!! . This is also “P’s” hometown…man..how Lucky can he get!

Kothagiri wasn’t our final destination, we were looking at exploring this secluded spot famous for offering a view of Lady Catherine’s fall…Waterfall…There is a popular belief that she had committed suicide from the top of the waterfall & that her soul does pay a visit once in a blue moon (we seem to have got into these blues off late, nahi?)

We finally reach the base of this mountain. The authorities have now built some concrete steps to climb to the top of the mountain. However, Neha had to cover 2wice the distance since she has ‘short legs’ 🙂 (these jokes aren’t funny dude).

The FQ – let me give you the full-form before your imagination runs wild – FQ is for “Fun Quotient”; FQ had just hit the roof with the team getting into thick of things to light a camp fire..Harshil & P went in search of some wood to start the fire while Neha added fuel to the fire:-). 

We were all in the right ‘Spirit’ (as the portfolio was getting final touches by Harshil) and the sun was setting down in the backdrop. And suddenly we hear this strange ‘sound’ once…then twice..then it kept on repeating…this was sounding like some animal growling & we were in pitch dark as our fire had dozed off. In a matter of seconds we packed our stuff & moved out of there hoping not to fall prey to any animal.

Scared to death, we somehow managed to reach the base & got into our car as soon as we could. This moment has been etched in our memories for a lifetime – anything could have happened that night.

We made a quiet exit & returned to Kothagiri. On our way back to CJB, we took a musical break (details when I write the next time on this topic) & carried on our descent only to stop for a fantastic meal at “Anandhaas” – Anna, ‘Rant’ Kothu paratha fast please……

Ugam Solutions – Champions of the Corporate Cricket Tournament

The Stage was set for the Grand Finale of the Corporate Cricket Tournament with Ugam reaching the Finals followed by Pothy’s Cricket Club.

The match was telecasted LIVE on a local TV channel (TV One) and the ground was also filled with supporters from both sides. Pothy’s initially won the Toss and decided to bowl first. An error maybe from their Team to have underestimated our Hard Hitting Batsmen as we piled up 113 runs at the loss of 6 wickets in 10 overs.

With a huge total and required Run Rate of a little over 11 runs an over, the going wasn’t easy for Pothy’s. As they lost wickets at regular intervals and with the run rate climbing up, they were running out of options. Our bowlers stuck to their task by constantly putting pressure on the opposition. Towards the end, Pothy’s needed 33 off the last 2 overs. Anthony bowled a magnificent spell giving away just 2 runs and taking a wicket of Pothy’s leading run scorer. Venkatesh finally drilled the last nail in the coffin by bowling a maiden over and taking us to a Grand Victory by a comfortable margin of 31 runs.

With that we have become the Champions of the Corporate Cricket Tournament. Many Congratulations to every player in the squad, the support staff and all those who’ve played a key role in this Victory. The Trophy presentation will take place sometime this week and we will definitely keep you posted. Well done Team…You have made us proud!

Ugam wins the ‘Best Corporate Exchange Partner’ from AIESEC at the annual event NEXUS 2012

Mumbai, 9th February, 2012 – AIESEC, the global youth organisation that engages students and graduates in international student exchange and internship programmes for profit and non-profit organizations, has recently recognized Ugam Solutions as the ‘Best Corporate Exchange Partner’ for 2011 in its annual event NEXUS 2012.

This award is given in recognition of Ugam’s role as a valuable partner to AIESEC India as Ugam has consistently employed AIESEC students in its multi-lingual services and contributes to their career development through effective classroom and on-the-job training.
Commenting on this achievement, Dharmesh Mistry, VP-Talent management, Ugam Solutions said, “We are extremely proud to have been selected as a winner of this prestigious award. This award is testimony to our growth and innovative employee practices in the industry. This special recognition brings in a new level of confidence for us to perform better and continue to deliver world-class solutions for the industry.”

About Ugam Solutions

Ugam Solutions is a leading provider of Marketing Decision Support Solutions to global organizations for over 10 years. Founded in 2000, Ugam Solutions is an ISO 27001 certified company with a workforce of 1200+ knowledge associates across India, UK and the USA.
Ugam’s service offerings include Market Research Operations, Advanced Analytics, Competitive Intelligence Solutions and Content Solutions.
With a culture that is completely performance driven, Ugam Solutions focuses on delivering best quality results to clients using best-of-the-breed methodologies and modern infrastructure.
Ugam Solutions is online at http://www.ugamsolutions.com


Present in over 110 countries and territories and with over 60,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today. Its international office is in Rotterdam, Netherlands. As of November 2010, the AIESEC network includes over 64,000 members in 110 countries and territories, It is one of the largest student run organizations in the world. It is present in over 2,100 universities across the globe, provides more than 10,000 leadership experiences to its members and sends students and graduates on 16,000 international exchanges yearly.

Getting WIRED on Campus in Coimbatore

He that would have the fruit must climb the tree

                                                – Thomas Fuller

What began as just another Campus drive during the planning phase gradually shaped up as WIRE – Where I Reap & Excel. WIRE today is our College Connect program through which we reach out to student & college fraternity. Through this Program, we intend to help young talent reap knowledge and in the process surpass their expectations, thereby enhancing an individual’s employability.

Under the WIRE program we have reached out to over 1000 students spread across 4 colleges/universities in Coimbatore. WIRE has created a path-breaking mechanism to connect & hire talent from varied backgrounds.

WIRE aims at continuously partnering with select institutions to help students understand the basics of Market Research & the new trends in Online Marketing Services. WIRE will give UGAM & the student / college fraternity an opportunity to participate in various workshops, events, seminars, faculty development programs, guest lectures.

WIRE’s presence on Social Media platforms